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The Royal Artillery Clerks' Association Standard Bearer - Mr Andrew Jones (former Sgt(AC))

Andrew Jones - The AC Standard Bearer

Andrew Jones represents the Artillery Clerks' Association at various parades and occasions throughout the year, proudly presenting the Association Standard.

Andrew has been the Standard Bearer for the Association since it was commissioned in 2000. The Standard was paraded for the first time at the St Barbara's Day parade in Larkhill on Sunday 3rd December 2000.

The Standard has been dedicated at St Barbara's Day without fail since 2000 but has also represented the Association at other events. To name a few, the "Farewell to Woolwich" celebrations at Woolwich in May 2007, the "Festival of Remembrance" celebrations in November 2010 at the Albert Hall, with regular attendance at the "Royal Artillery Parade" at Esher and "Gunner Sunday (Royal Hospital Chelsea)".

When he can, Andrew will make an effort to parade the standard at the funerals of our members who have sadly passed over the years.