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Artillery Clerks' Roll

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The Artillery Clerks' Project has been going for many years now and has recently been aptly renamed the Artillery Clerk' Roll. It has provided a platform for gathering information to provide a family tree of clerical postings and units covering many careers. All the gathered data is held on a secure database and up-to-date reports are then published to a Google Drive containing information broken down, for ease of use, into sections of the alphabet.

Access to the Google Drive is controlled and read-only. New users are added to a sharing list on the Google Drive and are sent an email giving them instructions and a link to follow to get to the folder. To enable this access the new user must already have or create a Google email address and then email to request access to the Google Drive.

To enable The Historical Secretary (Stephen Read) to keep the Artillery Clerk' Roll records up-to-date, a form has been provided for collecting the necessary information of units served and ranks attained. Hover over the form image to the right here, print it off and fill it in accordingly. If you scan the completed form you can then send it to for inclusion in the database.

Together with this, the Historical Secretary is requesting other items of historical interest to the Association like anecdotes from their service along with any old photos.

Artillery Clerks and World War 1

submitted by Stephen Read, the Association Historical Secretary

WW1 Field Office

With the end of the First World War commemorations it is a good time to reflect on the many thousands of Artillery Clerks that served with Royal Field Artillery or Royal Garrison Artillery during the period 1914 to 1918.

This World War 1 Artillery Clerks list has been drawn up from medal lists held by the National Archive and puts names to a small percentage of those Artillery Clerks that served so bravely in the ‘War to end all Wars’.