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Artillery Clerks’ Association Membership List

200 Members - as at 30thth June 2019

Full Members:  Full membership of the Association is open to any former Artillery Clerk in the rank range from Sergeant to Warrant Officer Class 1, either serving or retired. Membership may also be granted, with the recommendation of a former Artillery Clerk or member of the Association, to clerks who served in the Royal Artillery in the rank range from Gunner to Bombardier, and have subsequently been promoted to Sergeant in the Adjutant General’s Corps.

Honorary Membership:  Honorary Membership of the Association is specially designed to cover the widows and relatives of deceased Artillery Clerks. Other special cases of honorary membership will be considered on merit by the Committee and voted upon by the Committee and voted upon by the members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Honorary members may not vote on matters voted upon at the AGM.

Authorization:  Membership of the Association may be sought by anyone under these rules. In the event of there being some doubt regarding application, the Artillery Clerks’ Association Committee will arbitrate. The Association Committee has the right to refuse any application for membership, or cancel any existing membership, for example, for disciplinary reasons.

Rank/Title, Name, Positions & Post Nominals Home Area Known As Date Joined Former Rank
Mr J T Allen East Sparky 05/03/2001 Sgt (AC)
Mr D G Allen Midlands Dave 06/01/2015 Sgt (AC)
WO1(SSM) B J Alvin MSM East Alf 19/11/1999    
Maj (Retd) R Ancliffe BEM Midlands Richard 05/09/1998 WO1(SMAC)/Maj
Mr A D Ashcroft East Alan 29/04/2006 WO1(SMAC)
Mr A Artley Not Known Al 25/11/1999 Sgt
Mr R Astick North Robbie 02/07/2014 SSgt (AC)
Mr B Bailey MBE North Brian 31/08/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Mr P I Bailey East Pip 29/11/1998 Sgt (AC)
Mr D J Baldry East Derek 16/01/2008 Sgt (AC)
Mr B D Bassett Midlands Brian 18/11/1999 SSgt
Mr W B Bayliss West Brian 03/11/2008 WO2(QMS(AC))
WO2(SQMS) S M Beard North Steve 07/06/2014    
Mr G Bellis Midlands Taff 19/01/1999 WO2
Mr C J Berry BA Wales Chris 13/09/1998 WO1(SMAC)/Capt
Mr J E Bevan Wales Jon 25/05/2015 LBdr
Maj M J Birch RA South Martin 23/11/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Mr V R Boulton North Dave 29/07/1999 WO2 (SQMS)
Mr P Bradburn North Peter 02/03/2002 SSgt
Rev D R A Brett Padre West Denis 18/01/2000 WO2
Mr G Brown South Graham 24/05/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Lt Col(Retd) D P Brown OSJ BEM South David 20/12/2002 WO2
Mr P Buckingham North Phillip 30/05/1998 WO2
Mr C P Buckley West Titch 23/10/2006 SSgt
WO2(SQMS) A M Burgess Not Known Budgie 12/11/2002    
Mr M R Butler Midlands Martin 07/09/1998 WO2(SQMS)
WO1 (SSM) P G Butler Area Secretary South South Paddy 16/06/2012    
Mr S P Callaghan Area Secretary Midlands Midlands Steve 15/11/1998 WO2(QMS(AC))
Mr I A A Campbell Germany Iain 26/11/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr M Chadwick North West Merv 29/01/2017 Sgt(AC)
Mr R A Clarke North Rob 26/11/1999 Sgt
Mr L Collingwood MBE Not Known Lawrence 05/02/1999 WO2(SQMS)
Mr A R Coombes Wales Tony 14/09/2016 Bdr
Mr T C Cooper North Terry 13/10/2015 Bdr
Maj (Retd) I F Constantine South Ian 11/08/1998 WO1(SSM)/Maj
Maj (Retd) P Corker Treasurer South Paul 12/06/1998 WO1(SMAC)/Major
Mr S H Cornwell South Stan 13/03/2005 Sgt(AC)
WO2(SQMS) M J Cottrell West Mike 28/07/2003    
Maj (Retd) R N O Cowan Scotland Bob 30/09/1998 WO1(SMAC)/Maj
Maj (Retd) D Crawford BEM Scotland Dennis 24/03/2002 WO1(SMAC)/Maj
Mr K T Crump East Kev 25/05/1998 WO2(SQMS)
Maj Gen A P N Currie CB CBEHonorary Member South Peter 03/04/2004    
Maj (Retd) D J Cussell Area Secretary East East Dave 26/11/1998 Maj/WO1(SMAC)
Mr A C Davidson North Colin 21/11/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Mr P J Davies North Paul 19/11/1998 Sgt
SSgt S A Davies West Steve 19/07/1999    
Mr R H Deal MBE Reunion Secretary Assistant & Area Secretary West West Roy 25/06/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr P J Deverall Germany Pete 30/10/2007 WO2(QMS(AC))
Maj(Retd) J Dewberry MBE South John 15/06/1998 WO2/Maj
Mr DobsonHonorary Member TBC Brian 07/06/2019 WO2/Maj
Maj (Retd) J Doran JP North Jim 02/06/1998 Maj
Maj (Retd) L J Ennis North Paddy 31/10/1998 Maj
Mr R E Essex West Roger 29/07/2002 WO2 (SMIG)
Mr S J A Evans West Sid 15/03/2005 WO2 (QMS(AC))
Mr E R Fairbrass London Area Ted 31/01/2000 Sgt
Lt Col (Retd) J F Falzon OSJ BEM Association Chairman West Joe 11/05/1998 WO1(SMAC)/Lt Col
Mr J P Findlay South Jim 03/06/1998 SSgt
Mr G Flint Germany Graham 21/11/2000 Sgt
Mr A P Foot Not Known Alan 13/08/2003 WO2(QMS(AC))
Mr P GauciHonorary Member Overseas (Malta) Peter 15/10/2009    
Mr M N Geddes North Martin 06/06/1998    
Mr I M Grant North Ian 26/11/1998 WO2
Mr M I Grenham South Mick 12/12/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Maj (Retd) J W S Haddock North John 03/04/2000 WO1 (SMAC)/Maj
WO2(SQMS) C P Haine London Area Colin 22/06/2007    
Mr E J Hall London Area Ted 25/05/1998 WO2
Mr D J Hamilton North West David 05/06/2015 Sgt
Mr T G Hampton Australian Army Overseas (Australia) Graham 23/09/2006 WO1 Clerk Admin
Mr G Harland Scotland Gary 22/06/2010 Sgt
Mr A G Harrison North Adrian 16/12/2009 WO2(QMS(AC))
WO1(SSM) C J Harvey North Chris 18/06/2004
Mr S Hawke Not Known Steve 22/05/1998 WO2(SQMS)
Mr P J Hayes North West Phil 01/09/2001 Sgt
Maj (Retd) P A Headford BEM North Phil 31/08/1998 WO2/Maj
Mr M J Hedges West Martin (Ben) 22/11/2013 WO2 (QMS(AC))
Mr M Hester Midlands Martin 27/05/1998 WO2
Mr A Hill Not Known Alan 30/09/1999 SSgt
Capt (PASO) S Himlin Int Corps North Geordie 03/12/1998 WO2(SQMS)
Mr T Hind     Trev 22/09/2017    
Mr J Hoggins BSc Midlands Joe 26/04/2001 WO1(SMAC)
Lt Col (Retd) V C Holdaway BEM London Area Vic 22/05/1998 Lt Col
Mr R J Holmes MSM Area Secretary Germany Germany Ron 16/02/1999 WO1(SSM)
Lt Col (Retd) R H Horner MBE West Richard 22/07/1999 WO1(SMAC)/Lt Col
Mr S F Hunt Overseas Stu 19/09/2000 WO2(SQMS)
Mr J M Hutchinson Midlands Mick 25/05/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr G O Hyatt West Geoff 05/06/1998 WO2
Mr R A Jeavons North West Dick 11/11/1998 Capt
Mr M Johnston N Ireland Mick 04/06/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Mr A J Jones Standard Bearer &  Area Secretary London London Area Andrew 25/10/2000 Sgt
Mr E F Jones North Ted 05/03/2003 WO1(SMAC)
Mr S Jones Overseas Steve 19/02/2014 WO2(QMS(AC))
WO2(NRPS) D A Kelsey London Area Derek 05/03/1999 WO1(SMAC)
Mr T Kemish Midlands Trevor 08/01/2018 WO2 (QMS(AC))
Mr C A Knaggs West Clive 08/02/1999 WO1(SSM)
Mr R Lalabalavu London Area Ralph 24/01/2001 WO2
Mr A Lamb     Andy 25/05/2017    
Mr D B Larcombe Not Known Dave 17/08/2002 WO1(SMAC)
Lt Col R Lee RA MBE West Russ 04/07/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Mr R H Lewis MSM East Ray 01/06/1998 WO1
Mr J Lindley West John 10/01/2001 Sgt
Mr H E Lomax Midlands Harry 06/01/2015 WO2(QMS(AC))
Mr G A Lowthian London Area Alan 03/06/1998 WO2
Mr L J Lyall MBCS BSc Webmaster Midlands Leon 02/06/1998 SSgt
Mr P Lynch West Peter 30/03/2012 LBdr
Mr D C Manchester North Dave 22/05/1998 SSgt (AC)
Mr A Martin Midlands Tony 01/07/2003 WO1(SMAC)
Mr A L Martin East Adam 11/11/1999 SSgt
Mr T L Matthews Germany Tim 16/08/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Mr K A May North Ken 04/03/2005 WO1(SMAC)
Mr T P M McCarthy Not Known Tommy 27/07/1999 Sgt
Mr J G McDermott Scotland John 16/03/1999 Sgt
Mr G B McLauchlan West George 18/04/2004 WO1(SMAC)/Capt
WO1 (GE) H Michelsen Germany Hauke 15/10/2009    
WO1 (SSM) JJ Mutch Overseas Jim 17/01/2012    
Mr J McNamara Midlands James 01/09/1998 Sgt
Mr M K Meek Germany Martin 25/05/1998 WO1 (SSM)
WO1(SSM) T Meek Germany Tony 07/11/2000    
Maj QM (Retd) G E Mills West Eddie 23/09/2003 Maj (QM)
WO2 (SQMS) T Millsip Area Secretary Scotland Scotland Tam 10/12/2001    
Mr B Morgan Area Secretary North North Brian 17/11/1998 WO2
Mr I Morris South Ian 30/01/2004 Sgt
Wo1 (SSM) AG Moss MSM Germany Andy 02/06/1998    
Mr G W Mould East George 13/07/2012 Gnr
Lt Col (Retd) AN Mott West Tony 21/01/2002 WO1(SMAC)/Lt Col
SSgt P J Mudd Australian Army Overseas (Australia) Paul 30/11/1998 WO2(SQMS)
Mr R J Nichol Overseas (Denmark) Richard 14/09/1998 WO2
Mr D Norris Welfare & Area Secretary North West North West Dennis 08/09/1998 WO2
Lt Gen R E Nugee CBE Honarory President London Richard 18/06/2016    
Mr C Nuttall South Tony 24/11/1998 WO2(QMS(AC))
Capt A D O'Neill HAC London Area Andy 20/06/2007 WO2(SQMS)
Mr P L Oxley West Peter 30/01/2015 WO1(SMAC)
Mr S Paton Not Known Steve 06/04/2006 SSgt
Mr J Peggie South James (Jim) 31/05/2013 SSgt (AC)
Sgt (NRPS) R Penhallurick North Roy 14/02/2005 SSgt
Mr N J Perkovic West Nick 16/09/1998 WO2 (SQMS)
Mr P Perry Midlands Paul 22/11/2006 WO2(QMS(AC))
Mr J Phelps East Joe 26/10/2000 WO1(SMAC)
Mr A Phillips Midlands Alan 29/03/2011 WO2
Mr C R Piper South Chris 23/11/1998 WO2(SSM)
Mr E Platts North Eddie 25/08/1998 SSgt
Mr J E Pottle East Jim 17/01/1999    
Capt (NRPS) G R Prottey Midlands Garry 07/06/2006 WO1(SSM)
Mr S P Prowse Midlands Steve 02/06/1998 WO2
WO2 (SQMS) D J Ralphs North Derek 16/07/1998    
Mr S V Reed Historical Secretary West Stephen 06/01/1999 WO1(SMAC)
Mr M Regan Not Yet Known Michael 23/04/2019 TBC
Maj (Retd) J H Reynolds Overseas (Canada) John 26/11/1998 WO1(SMAC)/Maj
Mr H A Richardson Midlands Howard 30/03/2005 WO2(QMS(AC))
Mr N Ridout Not Known Neil 26/05/1998 Sgt
Mr D A Riley Area Secretary Midlands Midlands Des 26/05/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr J R Roast Midlands Jim 10/08/1999 WO1(SMAC)/Capt
Mr K Russell Midlands Ken 13/05/2010 SSgt(AC)
Mr A E Sawdon North Alan 31/05/1998 WO1(SMAC)
Mr V A Scott North Vince 17/06/1998 WO2(QMS(AC))
Mr S R Seymour South Steve 28/07/1998 WO2(QMS(AC))
Mr C Shuter Midlands Chris 09/11/2002 Sgt (AC)
Mr D C Siddall North Sid 01/06/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr D G Silver South Dougie 11/10/2001 WO2(SQMS)
Mr A E Skinner South Tony 01/06/1998 WO2
Mr D J Smith Not Known Dave 08/08/1999 Sgt
WO2(SQMS) R Smith Germany Bob 07/05/1999    
WO1 (SSM) S A Snowdon South Snowy 12/10/1999    
Lt Col (Retd) P G Spencer BEM West Phil 09/08/1998 WO2/Lt Col
WO2(SQMS) M A Spring N Ireland Mark 06/03/2000    
Mr T Spurr North Trevor 17/08/1998 WO2
Mr W Stirman South Will 17/12/2003 WO1(SSM)
Mr D G Stotan North West Dave 04/06/1998 WO2
Capt (PASO) D G Straw North Dave 07/09/1999 WO2/Major
Mr A Sykes North Andy 26/05/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr R A Syme Not Known Ritchie 18/03/2003 Sgt
WO2 A Taylor South Alex 30/04/2016    
WO2 R M Testi MSM Australian Army Overseas (Australia) Mark 31/05/1998 WO1 (SSM)
Mr C R Thompson North Charlie 22/05/2015 WO1(SMAC)
Mr M Thorington Germany Mark 17/10/2010 Sgt
Mr A M Tibble MVO MSM
Association Secretary
Area Secretary Wales
Area Secretary Northern Ireland
The Rest of the World
South Andy 10/12/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr G Timmis North Gordon 26/02/1999 WO1(SMAC)
Mr J P Tregower West Trig 01/08/1999 WO1(SSM)
Mr F Trimby Midlands Frank 22/08/1999 SSgt
Mr S T Truslove London Area Steve 01/06/1998 Sgt
SSgt M G S Turpie Midlands Mel 10/04/2003    
Mr D G Tyler Midlands Dave 28/02/2002 WO1(SMAC)/Capt
Mr G M Tyson North Gary 13/11/1998 WO1(SSM)
Mr D R Vesty South Dave 20/11/2001 Sgt
Lt Gen Sir F Viggers KCB CMG MBE DL Honorary Member South Freddie 24/04/2010    
Mr W M Wallace North William 13/09/1998 SSgt
WO2(SQMS) D A Ward Midlands Daz 21/02/2000    
Mr A J West Overseas Andy 23/09/1998 Sgt
Mr S A Whelan South Ronnie 09/11/2002 SSgt
Mr G D Whitby Midlands Geoff 25/02/2008 SSgt(AC)
Mr G L Williams Not Known Wills 01/06/2002 SSgt
Mr I J Williams Not Known Ian 13/03/2002 WO1(SSM)
Mr J Williams South Jeff 11/10/2002 WO2
Mr M P Williams MSM South Mick 20/11/2005 WO1(SSM)
Mr A Witts Germany Alan 01/12/1998 WO2(SQMS)
Mr A Wood Not Known Al 27/09/2001 WO2(SQMS)
Mr C J Wood Not Known Chris 26/07/1998 Sgt
WO1 (SSM) R J Woodford Germany Woody 03/09/2002    
Mr R B Worley South Robert 12/06/2009 Bdr
Mr D V Wright Midlands Den 27/11/2001 SSgt
Mr W M Young Scotland Bill 19/11/1998 SSgt