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The Artillery Clerks′ Reunion and Association Dinner is held at present in the Royal Artillery Sergeants′ Mess, Larkhill usually over a weekend June and is open to all members of the Artillery Clerks′ Association and strong attendance is always expected.

The next Reunion Weekend is 8th - 10th June 2018. The AC Dinner Larkhill Calling Letter is provided here on the right, click on the image to open the calling letter in a new window so you can print off accordingly. A physical copy is also provided for all members within the annual edition of Crossed Quills.

Friday night

1645 hrs-1730 hrs  Evening Meal (Sgts′ Mess Pay-As-You-Dine)

1900 hrs-2300 hrs  Sgts′ Mess Bar Open

Saturday night

0900 hrs-1000 hrs  Breakfast Brunch (Sgts′ Mess Pay-As-You-Dine)

1000 hrs-1300 hrs  Brunch

1200 hrs-1400 hrs  Mess Bar Open

1700 hrs-1815 hrs  Artillery Clerks′ Association Annual General Meeting

1840 hrs-1845 hrs  Re-union Photograph

1845 hrs-1930 hrs  Pre-Dinner Drinks

1930 hrs  Reunion Dinner

Sunday morning

0900 hrs-1000 hrs  Breakfast Brunch (Sgts′ Mess Pay-As-You-Dine)

1000 hrs-1300 hrs  Brunch


Friday evening: Jacket, trousers, and tie.

The Reunion Dinner: Mess Kit for serving members and black tie (with medals) for retired members.


Officers′ Mess: Members wishing to use the Officers′ Mess are asked to contact the Officers′ Mess Secretary direct on 01980 845814 to book their own accommodation. These members will pay for the Reunion Dinner cost only to the Reunion Secretary but must settle their own Mess Bill direct with the Officers′ Mess before they leave.

Sergeants′ Mess: Unless members have booked their own accommodation in the Officers′ Mess, most members accommodation for the weekend is situated close to the Sergeants′ Mess, in single en-suite rooms in transit blocks. These are chargeable and the total cost of the Reunion will depend on the length of your stay. All accommodation is booked centrally by the Reunion Secretary (less Officers′ Mess).

Top Tip: Don′t forget to pack a towel or two, as these are not provided by the mess.


The cost of the Reunion Dinner is around £50 for every member (unless advised otherwise in the calling notice). Where members are staying over in the Sergeants′ Mess accommodation there will be a small charge depending on the length of stay. Officers′ Mess accommodated members will only pay for the Reunion Dinner to the Reunion Secretary and settle their own Officers′ Mess Bill with the Officers′ Mess Secretary.

The present prices are shown below:

Dinner Only (no accommodation/Officers′ Mess): £50.00

Dinner & accommodation Saturday (Sgts′ Mess): £66.50

Dinner & accommodation Friday & Saturday (Sgts′ Mess): £82.50


The Central Sergeants′ Mess is now a Pay as You Dine facility so individuals will be asked to pay for each meal they take (less the Reunion Dinner).

Attendance Form and Reunion Payment Options

In all instances, an attendance form must be completed and sent, either by post or email, to the Reunion Secretary to book your place and accommodation for the weekend and Reunion Dinner. An attendance form will be sent out with the “Calling Notice“ via the Annual Edition of Crossed Quills.

Online Attendance Form

An online attendance form is now available by clicking button at the top of the screen. This form is sent direct to Reunion Secretary on submission.

Online Attendance Form

There are two options available for paying to attend the Reunion weekend and Association Dinner:

Post:  By cheque, made payable to the ‘Artillery Clerks’ Association’, or;

Electronic transfer:  Make an electronic bank transfer, using your surname as the reference, to:

Account Number:  40945706

Sort Code:  20-75-01

Artillery Centre Access & Parking

The post code for the Artillery Centre, Larkhill is SP4 8QT. All access to the camp should be through the Main Gate by the Monument. All lists of attendees for the weekend will be held by the Guardroom who will issue a valid Gate Pass. You will need to show this pass in your car window screen throughout your stay in the Artillery Centre. The Guardroom can advise on the location of designated car parks.